5 Business Development Strategies to Boost Sales

The volatile state of the economy may have you wondering what you can do to keep new business coming through the doors. You know that hunkering down and crossing your fingers isn’t going to cut it. So how do you boost sales and improve profitability in ways that will work? Because let’s be honest, few of us have much spare time or energy on our hands.

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If you’re looking for some tried and true growth techniques, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m wary of saying I’ve cracked the code, but…I’ve practiced and implemented these strategies with scores of businesses and seen them work time after time. For some of these, there may be a learning curve, others are as easy as adding a link here and there. Take it one step at a time and see the improvement they can make in your business.

30-Minute Webinars

Have you ever attended a webinar? They can be incredibly informative and often free. Sure, some get too salesy, which you’ll want to avoid. Those who do it right can really make a lasting, positive impression on their listener and build trust. You can offer 30-minute webinars on topics that appeal to your target audience and lean on a guest speaker to deliver the content. It makes the webinar more interesting, reduces pressure, and attracts more attendees.

Implementation of 30-Minute Webinars: Use your current video tech and go find a speaker who has the following traits:

  • Expertise that is appealing to your ideal potential client
  • A decent number of followers on social media or in their email blast list they will market the webinar to
  • Ability to be on a video call, has a professional background, and is able to present in a professional, soothing manner
  • Open to posting the MP4 recorded call onto their LinkedIn, other social media, and newsletter to share with their followers


PowerPoint for Prospect Calls

When a prospect is talking with you, you want to be prepared and have something to keep them engaged. The use of a visual slide deck is to help keep your presentation consistent and predictable. It also allows the potential client to digest what is being said and hear your charming, personal flair at the same time.

Implementation of PowerPoint Sales Deck: Create a 3-4 slide PowerPoint to show, if appropriate. Your PowerPoint should include:

  • A slide about your firm’s story and philosophy
  • A slide of bio pics and titles of staff
  • A slide that lists your services and fees
  • A slide of screenshots of any client apps (portal) and educational information (blog)


Appointment Scheduling Tool

What is more time consuming and bothersome than back and forth emails trying to coordinate a call or meeting? You don’t want to make your prospect work too hard or you might lose them. Additionally, your business needs to operate the way other businesses do—online. This is the way the world works and the way consumers today are used to doing business. Set up an appointment scheduling tool that allows you to post “Schedule a Complimentary Call” URL link in multiple places so you are easily accessible and can “strike while the iron is hot”.

Implementation of Online Scheduling Tool:  Research the appointment tool using our Tech Directory and filter Types using “Appointment Scheduler”. Once you set up the software and have your link, post it to the following places:

  • Your website header
  • Your newsletter
  • All social media pages (LI, FB, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
  • Your email signature line


Ask for Referrals

Many business men and women can get shy or uncomfortable about asking for a referral. You don’t want to seem like you don’t have enough business or that you aren’t successful. However, you’d be surprised how many clients and customers will be flattered by your request, especially if you provide them with referable service. If you are worth referring, clients will love connecting you with their friends and family. It might not happen right away, but once you’ve planted the seed, they’ll keep you in mind should they come across someone who requires your services.

Implementation of Referral Asks: There are a number of ways to ask for a referral—in person, on the phone, in your newsletter, and in your emails. Get used to making this part of your routine. If you’re on the phone, it’s best to be direct about your request. Perhaps you say something like, “Mary, do you know of anyone that you think could benefit from my services? If so, would you feel comfortable connecting us?” In email blasts and your newsletter, you can add a P.S. that reads something like “Please share our information as we are always open to inquiries” and provide the share links.  And with emails to referral sources, draft a script and save it as an email template to use and modify over time.


Ask for Google Reviews and LinkedIn or Facebook Recommendations

You know what’s great about reviews? They are free! It doesn’t get much better than that. They are also seen as reliable and trustworthy as they are voluntarily provided, first-person experiences. Google reviews also have the added bonus of giving your business a huge SEO boost in search results. If someone searches for your service and you have a number of positive reviews, your business has a better chance of ranking higher than your competitors’. LinkedIn or Facebook recommendations are also great.

Implementation of Reviews: Don’t be afraid to email your clients and ask them to provide a review or testimonial. Always provide the Google review URL link or send the LinkedIn testimonial request. Also, we recommend you include light guidance on wording so they speak on items that appeal to your target audience. Most reviewers appreciate the help as they get stuck on writing a short sentence. In the end, they may use different words and will appreciate you jump starting this creative writing effort.



We hope you found at least one method that you can start implementing this month. These strategies have worked with scores of businesses and we believe they can work for you. As we said before, there may be a learning curve to some of these methods. Choose one method and add the others to your business plan to implement at a later date. Take it one step at a time and experience the improvement it makes to your business.

Growing your business is no easy feat, but the fact that you are reading means you must be dedicated to the task. If you find yourself in need of more assistance, you can purchase our Business Development Course and download templates within the lessons.

As always, health and serenity to you!


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Good luck. And as always, health and sanity to you!

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