True Story: JGC helps a firm attract $91mil AUM within 2 years and two experienced advisors

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  • Stunted revenue growth
  • Undocumented processes not followed as specified
  • Failed to address the fact that two different types of clients existed and each should be serviced differently to provide appropriate quality service while maintaining profitability


DOC MGMT: established client segmentation and servicing that included a cloud based document sharing system with client accessibility
PROCESS: created new client onboarding process that maximized technology integrations with staff to reduce the workload and quickly on board clients
STAFF: function roles assessed to identify type of person for next hire
WEBSITE: hired new website vendor
CLIENT PORTAL: white labeled eMoney and providing clients 24/7 access to their financials


  • AUM growth of $91 million in less than 2.5 years
  • Client growth of 3 new client relationships (shed past clients and attracted new, larger AUM clients)
  • 285 accounts added
  • Attracted two experienced advisors



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