From No to Grow: Saving Our Client from the Brink of Chaos

We’re all met with challenges at some point.

But it’s how we handle them that defines our success.

Here’s the story of our client who—despite strong revenue and interest from other smaller firms to be acquired by them—was struggling with low profit and a whole lot of no.


No leaders.

No job descriptions.

No team meetings.

No trust.

No processes.

No accountability.

No capacity or inspiration.


Initial Challenges

This client faced all these issues while the founder teetered on the edge of burnout. Despite a market teeming with potential acquisitions, the internal turmoil threatened to derail any chance of success. The founder, frustrated and uninspired, couldn’t see a clear path forward. And with their landlord wanting to sell their space at a higher price than promised, the looming threat of losing their office space compounded their troubles.


The Transformation Journey

Thankfully, they came to us in time to turn it all around. In just one year, under our strategic guidance, the client underwent a profound transformation that touched every aspect of their business:

Leadership Revitalized:

The founder not only found renewed joy in leading the team but embraced tough conversations when necessary. This shift became the cornerstone for the entire organization.

Cultivating Trust:

Trust became the bedrock of the team. Mutual respect and understanding flourished, fostering a collaborative environment that propelled the organization forward.

Structured Roles and Accountability:

Each team member now has a clearly defined role with a comprehensive job description and a defined career path. This clarity has resulted in enhanced accountability and increased productivity.

Financial Stability and Office Ownership:

The team not only saved their office space, they became the proud owner of a newly renovated, larger-than-expected office and with very little financing due to experiencing net profits of over $500,000.

Incentivized Team:

Market-rate compensation and being given best-fit responsibilities has the team motivated, more productive, and forward-looking.

National Brand Reinvention:

Our client now boasts a national brand with purpose and meaning, attracting motivated professionals and interns eager to contribute to the company’s success.

Strategic Acquisitions:

The acquisition pipeline is not just filled but thoughtfully curated, with right-fit firms lined up to join at a healthy pace.



With strategic guidance, dedication, and a commitment to growth, our client not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger, clear on the vision, more profitable, and poised for sustained success.

With the right mindset and strategic approach, any organization can navigate the challenges and come out on top. And we can help get you there.


Will You Be Next?

At My Virtual COO, we help service-based Health, Wealth, and Advocacy business owners optimize talent and systems to accelerate business success by improving the most important parts of the business, including:

  • Growth, Profitability, and Impact Projections
  • Organizational Design
  • Lean Process Design and Tech Optimization
  • Client and Operations Experience Optimized
  • Change Management and Acceleration
  • C-Suite Business Operations Training

Ready for your own success story? We would love to speak with you.

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