True Story: From disorganized and stagnant to a vibrant, thriving corporate culture and bottom line

This True Story shares the journey of a company overcoming shortfalls and  changing their mindset.

We share brief snips of challenges to implementing change amongst a quagmire of outdated systems, processes, and convictions.

And as we all know, you need an open mind and vision to influence change.

Let’s begin with a brief corporate overview of the company and their chief problems.

75 employees, 8 locations, $13 million revenue

FINANCES unclear profitability due to multiple P&Ls with inaccurate information

PEOPLE random hiring, unhealthy communications (cell phone, 24/7), no diversity, high turnover of staff, unclear roles/responsibilities and passion/career paths for all personnel, including owners

TECH inadequate, non-integrated tech stack

CLIENT unclear client segments, services, procedures, and profitability

MARKETING outdated brand and online presence

GROWTH stagnant organic and M&A growth – unable to compete for clients

9 month turnaround to

FINANCE created accurate P&L; implemented interim financial reporting system; identified/started implementation of robust accounting system

PEOPLE deliberate hiring with formal onboarding process, healthier communications via CRM, Planning System, and interoffice chat; future organizational structure designed and included career paths and skill levels; LMS created with multiple sources of content; owners and leaders identified and moved into roles that suited their passions, skills, personalities

TECH identified, integrated, and maximized 50% of tech and designed road map for the missing elements

CLIENT clearly documented client segments, services, and profitable servicing processes and staffing

MARKETING new brand, website, bling

GROWTH attracted experienced business development expert, initial KPI system implemented

What it Took to Make This happen so fast:

Open to ideas, working calls, and emails that Visualized and Rumbled about:

  1. right people, wrong roles
  2. prioritizing changes properly to avoid burnout, provide wins, empower others to learn new skills
  3. giving upcoming leaders the opportunity to learn from others (outside the firm as internal leaders don’t have the skills) and learn from failures
  4. learning and talking with peers without fear of being judged for not knowing the answers (who does? :-))


Change, of any kind, is in investment in time, energy, people, and processes wrapped in a blanket of thought shifting.

It isn’t easy. It isn’t fun, BUT isn’t it worth your skin in the game to see your company and people rise to the top and thrive? Pause… and breathe this in for a moment.

If you too want to be a True Story of triumph, or you have a few questions, let’s connect.


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