True Story: JGC helps firm train up COO, increase AUM by $31m, reduce expenses, and increase valuation

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  • Unable to expand the client base
  • Unable to attract new hires at all levels
  • Frequent technology setbacks
  • Staff overloaded
  • 2 Partners not interested in managing the staff
  • No time to improve processes to reduce workload for staff and clients
  • No ability to scale the business while maintaining quality service


CRM: Redtail enhanced through massive cleanup and reorganization of contacts
DOC MGMT: Migrated from server to Net Documents and integrated with Redtail
DICTATION: Implemented Mobile Assistant and integrated with Redtail
PORT MGMT: Integrated AUM feed into Redtail to produce management reports
TRAINING: Trained Operations Manager on COO duties and business management and planning, built training program for new hires
EMAIL: Upgraded email system and integrated with Redtail
EMAIL DRIP: Implemented Redtail Broadcast Email
FORMS: Implement Laser Apps Groups and integrated with Redtail
HARDWARE: Installed dual monitors and desktop scanners
STAFF: converted intern into new hire and attracted 2nd hire for associate role
OUTSOURCED: Moved Portfolio Center duties to BOSS and IT hardware duties to True North Networks
PROCESSES: Redesigned Sales Pipeline, Prospect to Client, New Client On Boarding, Annual Client Servicing (meetings, holiday, birthday, newsletter, reporting), Annual, Financial Plan Prep, Marketing within CRM for active use and continuous improvements



  • AUM had grown by $31 million
  • Reduced IT expenses by $20,000+ due to elimination of local server system
  • Increased productivity by 50%+
  • Executed client communications plan to increase awareness of services
  • On boarded clients 4 times quicker
  • Increased client profitability
  • Attracted 2 new hires
  • Increased valuation enough to change M&A discussion from acquisition to merger talks with large East Coast RIA firm



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