Tired of being a business owner? Consider talking to this evolving list of RIAs or Equity Partners..


We understand that not every owner wants to manage a growing business.  Fortunately, there are many firms you can join, have as an equity partner, or be acquired by. Each offers a different arrangement such as:

  1. provide cash in return for equity position
  2. provide stock options in return for equity position
  3. provide slow exit strategy with income stream
  4. allow you to keep your brand
  5. allow you to keep your own tech
  6. require you to adopt the “mother” firm’s brand
  7. require you to adopt their tech
  8. provide management of staff and operations services

The growing list of firms can be found HERE . If you seek more guidance, reach out to recruiters that will guide you through the dating process.

And if you want to stay independent and seek help through the next stage of growth, click HERE and inquire into my services.





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Good luck. And as always, health and sanity to you!

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