Productive Collaboration is the Key to a Successful Business

The most successful work environments are those where collaboration is facilitated among team members to improve productivity.  Productive collaboration promotes out of the box thinking, improves employee retention, and helps discover viable solutions to long-standing company-wide problems. In order to facilitate this type of interaction, you need to keep three main points in mind…

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How our Boost Call moves your business forward

Our  Boost Call is for businesses that need a second opinion and practical, actionable steps on an area of the business. The topics can range from quick financial projections, compensation adjustments, productive online staff meetings, “virtual” accountability techniques, process/workflow adjustments, video call or scheduling tool setup and best practices and more.

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Rising out of the Dangerous Middle

What is the dangerous middle? And why are more and more successful firms being caught in its vortex? Uncover why it is becoming so common and find out to avoid it here.

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I blame Michael Kitces and myself

Let’s play the blame game! I blame Michael Kitces for pushing the independent industry into the modern age of continuous learning. I blame Michael Kitces for forcing me to lengthen my attention span so I can listen to more than a 5-minute sound bite. But the truth is….

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