Top 2 tech tools and solutions to lowering burnout and the workload


Burnout of owners is happening all over the USA. Here are a few ideas to lower the workload and eliminate burnout.

#1 We did a webinar with Chris Holman, Executive Coach and discussed signs and solutions to burnout. Check it out and look for the list of ideas!


#2. We LOVE appointment scheduling software. The time blocking, easy accessibility by clients and leads to self-book, and syncing with calendars is amazing! And for anyone that is so busy that the only time they can schedule a calls is at night, they will be thrilled with this option to self-schedule. Bonus: you can avoid booking yourself in back-to-back meetings and thus, avoid the loony bin.



#3. The shared email box has been forgotten but is a great time saver. Just set up an email address box as IMAP on multiple staff computers’ and now you have people helping you manage that black hole of email.

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Good luck. And as always, health and sanity to you!

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