How many CEO’s does it take to successfully run a prosperous organization?


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Most feel that there is space for just one leader at the helm.

However, the best businesses have both a Visionary CEO (VCEO) and a Managing CEO (MCEO).

These two roles complement each other to bring a mix of talent, soft skills, and checks and balances to the company to enrich scalability and profits.

Typically, the VCEO is the founder and the MCEO is an equal partner. The MCEO will manage business and customer operations, culture, and talent development while the VCEO, ‘The Rocket Fuel’ of the company, drives innovation, creativity, and BHAG ideas for the future.

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The VCEO is passionate about product, service, staff, and customers, constantly brainstorming innovative ideas to deliver greater market share and customer/company experience. They spin this innate ability into a sales and marketing windfall. The Visionary has the company pulse and forethought to connect the dots, directing industry wide sales.

The MCEO is passionate about integrating the details, implementing major initiatives, is more adept at employee management and has a natural talent for unifying and bridging gaps between each operational level, understanding the connectedness, and securing the departments for success.   

“One sees the future, and the other makes it happen.” Gino Wickman

Drawing from a rich supply of stamina and determination, the MCEO is focused on running the business, balancing the client and staff experience with the internal infrastructure, and enabling the VCEO to dedicate their time to largescale endeavors, forward thinking and greater opportunities to scale, and pivot, if necessary.

And as the VCEO turns on the spotlight, the Managing CEO utilizes this vision to inspire a strong corporate culture, evaluate long-term goals, and plan improvements that bring the VCEO’s vision alive.

Together, the VCEO and MCEO deliver immeasurable strength, a unified executive team, and a winning workplace.

If you want to see this in action, listen to systemHub’s VCEO and MCEO story or read Working Together by Eisner.

Then get started by documenting your roles and responsibilities, who has the potential to fill each role, and revisit it over several months to get comfortable with the idea. Once comfortable, go go go!

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Good luck. And as always, health and sanity to you!

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