What Is a Virtual COO?

I am very excited that we are about to kick off a new series about how to build your own virtual COO. The following posts will pick apart each of the operations of the business and we will talk about the tools, the people, and the integration of each. Today, we want to explain what a Virtual COO™ actually is and then begin to share one element of the Virtual COO every month. This slow, steady pace of learning will allow you to understand the benefits, get past the jargon, and start to envision your own Virtual COO™.

So what is a Virtual COO™?

Some people are calling it a digital ecosystem. Some use our term, a Virtual COO™. They both are a set of integrated software programs that optimize the use and the productivity of your people and your skills and enhance the client experience. We are in this to improve the client experience, improve the staff experience, and attract more clients and better hires.

learning is crucial to understanding the benefits of a Virtual COO


This takes some time to build and many of you have already started. We talk to and work with firms every day in building out their Virtual COO’s™. Instead of trying to explain every aspect of a Virtual COO within one blog, we have created a 2-min video series to explain each element of a Virtual COO™. We hope these short videos will help you understand the benefits of having a Virtual COO™ to support your staff and enhance the client experience.




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Good luck. And as always, health and sanity to you!

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